[npocld] the unique supernatural phenomenon of the "8+4" policy system 2023

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The 2023 9th Zhejiang Provincial Economic Policy Press Conference was held in Ha...

The 2023 9th Zhejiang Provincial Economic Policy Press Conference was held in Hangzhou, announcing the "8+4" policy framework for sustainable development and quality improvement. The system includes effective expansion of investment, scientific and technological innovation, fostering high-tech manufacturing cluster "415X", building strong world-class ports and strong transportation provinces, improving people's lives, ensuring finance and finance, natural resources, energy, etc., talents and others 4 list of elements.

[npocld] the unique supernatural phenomenon of the "8+4" policy system 2023

In 2022, in the face of factors such as declining demand, supply shock, expected weakening overlap of "triple pressure" and the new crown epidemic, Zhejiang will successively implement many policies to accurately overcome the problem and accelerate the project. built and stabilized the market. expectation. The Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government last year systematically integrated this "8+4" policy system based on the comprehensive evaluation of the province's "5+4" policy and its quality improvement.

"The '8+4' policy system is an organic set that covers all areas of economic development and national security." Meng Gang, director of the Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission, said that through early planning, advanced expansion and rigorous implementation, Zhejiang can better cope with the "triple pressure" and send a positive signal of economic stability and growth to China. market.

At the press conference, the reporter said that in terms of expanding efficient investment, Zhejiang will carry out "trillion trillion" projects to expand efficient investment, improve and focus on about 1,000 large-scale provincial projects every year, and major investment projects will be completed in 2023 with 1 trillion yuan. , which is more than the above amount and increases the investment attractiveness of fixed assets by more than 6%. Encourage and induce more private capital to participate in the construction of major national projects, major projects in Zhejiang Province and overcoming deficiencies, and promote the rational growth of private investment.

In recent years, Zhejiang has maintained a rapid growth rate by actively creating and nurturing various scientific research and innovation platforms. According to the science and technology innovation policy package released this time, Zhejiang Province will implement the "315" innovation system construction project, promote the construction of large-scale science and technology innovation platforms, and accelerate the construction of provincial research institutes, technological innovation centers and provinces. Support for innovative production centers and new research and development institutions.

"Last year, Zhejiang completed the deployment of 10 provincial laboratories and 10 provincial technology innovation centers. In 2023, we will accelerate the construction of large-scale science and technology innovation platforms and promote the introduction of first-class science and technology talents into science and technology. .and technological innovation platform and production of first-class scientific and technological achievements.” Zhou Tufa, deputy director of the Department of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province, introduced, for example, for the provincial laboratory with five stars in the annual performance: evaluation. , The provincial financial subsidy of 100 million yuan will continue in 2023.

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