[npocld] Watch the key to the survival of this natural gas pipeline in 3 minutes

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Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, January 10 (Reporter Liu Yuanyuan) Nation...

Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, January 10 (Reporter Liu Yuanyuan) National Oil and Gas Pipeline Network Group Co., Ltd. Use of centralized regulation and “one national network” control, daytime. Gas transport over a 50,000 km gas pipeline distance exceeded 840 million cubic meters, a record for the country's main natural gas network. During the heating season, the total gas transported by the National Pipeline Network Group's 50,000 km long natural gas pipeline exceeded 50 billion cubic meters.

[npocld] Watch the key to the survival of this natural gas pipeline in 3 minutes

The Shaanxi-Beijing gas pipeline system continues to supply gas to Beijing from Beijing's Changping Xiastun Station, which accounts for one-fifth of Beijing's gas consumption. It became known to the correspondent that the "Beijing Pipeline" company of the National Pipeline Network Group has 15 filling stations supplying gas to Beijing. Meet Beijing's gas demand.

For the good work of natural gas supply, the National Pipeline Group has invested about 10 billion yuan in the construction of six special projects for the construction of peak capacity of the pipeline network. A few days ago, projects such as the Taian-Taishni section of the China-Russia Eastern Line, the Jiangsu-Anhui pipeline, and the Shenyang Compressor Station were completed one after another. In January of this year, Gazprom increased its supply to 61 million cubic meters per day, further increasing the possibility of ensuring natural gas supply in the Bohai Forest and Yangtze River regions.

In addition, the daily gasification output of 15 gas receiving stations connected to the "National Network" exceeded 260 million cubic meters. The daily gasification volume of the seven gas receiving stations of the national pipeline network exceeded 100 million cubic meters and the liquid production exceeded 12,000 tons. Shenzhen Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal, as one of the important gas sources of "North-South Gas", makes every effort to transport natural gas at full capacity on a regular basis and ensure Guangdong-Hong Kong supply. Macau Greater Bay and parts of northern Macau. So far, National Pipeline Network Group has completed emergency night flight and deployment tests at receiving stations in Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangdong and Hainan, improving the reliable loading and unloading capacity of the main receiving stations in all weather.

Gas storage is also an important guarantee of natural gas seasonal peak shaving. In view of the recent severe cold, National Pipeline Network Group's Wen 23 gas storage, which is the largest underground gas storage in central and eastern regions of our country, has started production and gas peak, and the maximum gas output capacity is 2,700 gas storage peak in July, per day A new breakthrough in producing 10,000 cubic meters of gas. During the heating season, the total gas volume of the Ven 23 gas storage is expected to exceed 1.7 billion cubic meters. With the onset of winter, all 14 gas storage facilities connected to the national pipeline network have started producing gas.

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