[npocld] The thrilling scenes of the turnaround of the grass seed industry

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On January 10, reporters learned from the Hohhot Bureau of Science and Technolog...

On January 10, reporters learned from the Hohhot Bureau of Science and Technology that the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Grass Seed Industry Technology Innovation Center was officially established after two years of demonstration and preparation. At the same time, the "National Lawn Seed Industry Technology Innovation Center Construction Plan" was demonstrated, aiming to prepare the establishment of the National Lawn Seed Industry Technology Innovation Center in Inner Mongolia.

[npocld] The thrilling scenes of the turnaround of the grass seed industry

"In terms of development status, our country is a large steppe country. But it is not a country with strong grass seed industry. The basic state of the country has not undergone fundamental changes. Self-reliance and self-reliance of seed industry technology and independent control of seed resources are As it is related to national security, taking national strategic needs based on the implementation of "prosperous Mongolia with science and technology" is a political responsibility and an internally important and important development task. Mongolia must undertake and carry out "grass seed industry" return" and realize the self-reliance and self-reliance of the seed industry in the field of science and technology. Sun Junqing, director of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Inner Mongolia, said, "self-regulation of seed sources".

A clear advantage Start your innovation journey from a high starting point.

According to the plan, Mengcao Ecological Environment (Group) Co., Ltd. will lead the establishment of the Inner Mongolia Grass Seed Industry Technology Innovation Center in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and more than 20 departments, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Agricultural Sciences, Grassland Research Center of State Forestry and Grassland Administration, China Agricultural University.

Hohhot Department of Science and Technology Deputy Director Li Kongyan told reporters: “This model helps maximize the benefits of local innovation resources. Establishment of technological innovation support system for grass seed industry 'Industry-academic research' and 'nurturing and promotion'..”

Grassland in Inner Mongolia is one of the five major grasslands in China and has a solid industrial foundation. The grass seed industry basically covers the whole country, from grass seed resource collection and conservation, to germline innovation and selection. The various fields involved in each link in the breeding industry chain for feed production and ecosystem restoration have outstanding industrial advantages.

Zhu Changhong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Inner Mongolia Mengweed Ecological Environment (Group) Co., Ltd., said: "Our scientific research team has established the Central Bank of Indigenous Plant Embryo Resources. Mongolian traditional breeds for collecting and preserving plant germplasm resources of pasture unique plants, Hohhot (Hohhot), more than 1,390 acres of land, more than 44,000 germplasm resources and appraisal gardens have been built, which are the basic conditions for the development and utilization of turf germplasm resources.”

The reporter said that the fodder gene bank of the Grassland Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences is located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, and stores more than 16,000 weed inoculation materials. It preserves 586 pooled genetic resources from 9 northern provinces (autonomous districts and municipalities) in Korea. Including USA, Canada, Russia and other countries.

At present, Hohhot's relevant scientific research organizations and institutions specialize in domestic leading pathogen resource collection and storage technology. We are accelerating the development of core technologies throughout the industrial chain from resource evaluation. Accurate Identification Established a variety of selection and application laboratories. There is a standard system for breeding and growing grass seeds. And we have the ability to fully select, research, develop and test turf species.

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