[npocld] The secret to getting rich after the completion of the railway station is really genius!

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Science and Technology Daily (reporters Wang Guangwei and Zhao Hanbin) Recently,...

Science and Technology Daily (reporters Wang Guangwei and Zhao Hanbin) Recently, the installation of the first subway station of Qingdao Metro Line 6 was successfully completed with the precise installation of the last intermediate slab.

[npocld] The secret to getting rich after the completion of the railway station is really genius!

Qingdao Metro Line 6 Chaoyang Underground Line is a two-story island station. There are casting sections at both ends of the station, 70 meters long, and a prefabricated assembly section is located in the center of the station and is 148 meters long. A total of 74 roofs and 410 assemblies, the heaviest roof component is more than 10 m long and weighs 67 tonnes, with a total assembly weight of 16,600 tonnes. The station should carry out scientific research on assembly technology, eliminate support and tooling equipment... Support system replacement support and assembly of large-scale assembly parts, joint work of mounting carriages on boards. Complete preparation of the system's internal supports and structural components such as beams, slabs and columns.

Through a series of challenges, the Eighth Group of China Railway Administration implemented the "simple + detachable door crane" implementation for the first time in China, the assembly technology of the assembled trolley support system, the assembled central column and the mid-length beam of the trolley at the assembly station for the long distance Under the influence of movement, it automatically covers the steel support of the cannon support system and rotates, rotates, deploys and correct installation of the assembled unit in a confined space. space.

During this time, the builder developed a number of patents, such as a pre-jack tool suitable for permanent support of docking station sidewalls, and obtained 2 invention patents, 1 international patent license and 16 patents. , 1 First QC National Achievement Award.

According to the report, compared with the same assembly station, prefabrication can reduce the construction period by 4-6 months by implementing centralized mass production of components, on-site assembly and assembly. number of constructions. During peak season, the staff is reduced from 160 to 20 people. Comprehensive review, one-stop shop saves about 5 million yuan in construction costs and saves about 800 cubic meters of temporary timber and formwork supports for construction. Components are assembled simultaneously, reducing construction waste such as concrete pouring and concrete waste by approximately 50%. Carbon emissions were reduced by 4,157.9 tonnes, a 20.33% drop, in line with the national target of “double carbon”.

"Prefabricated construction technology meets the concept of green and low-carbon development and represents the future development trend of the industry." Kunming Railway Construction Co., Ltd. The person in charge is China Railway No. Introduced the 8 Bureau Group. It is said that preparing the factory layout improved the quality of the project, reduced structural defects and increased production efficiency. This technology will effectively contribute to the deep integration of industrialization, informatization and intelligence in the field of rail transportation engineering and has broad prospects.

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