[npocld] How I Didn't Discover This Home Must-Have Farm-Tech Hallow Sooner

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Entering the tangerine fields in Tanban Village, Nanma City, Liangqing District,...

Entering the tangerine fields in Tanban Village, Nanma City, Liangqing District, Nanning City, Guangxi Province, there are thousands of acres of fertile oranges and beautiful industrial scenery. In the citrus garden, Li Guoguo, Director of Science and Technology, Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, observed the growth of fruit trees and shared his technical experience with the director of the garden and staff of the Science and Technology Bureau. both bills.

[npocld] How I Didn't Discover This Home Must-Have Farm-Tech Hallow Sooner

The tangerines we grow are high-quality fruits that cannot be found in high-end markets. "On January 9, Guangxi Guijie Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of Sales Ou Qiang said, according to the company's cultivation needs, Li Guoguo Special Director Li Guoguo within the Liangqing Regional Science and Technology Adaptation Bureau science and technology for professional priorities. He paid all attention to variety selection, livestock breeding, foundation planning, shaping and pruning, pest control and other aspects, and was of great help to the citrus garden by providing technical guidance.

The Science and Technology Bureau is a bridge, and the Science and Technology Special Committee provides precise services. Liangqing District Science and Technology Bureau calls these point-to-point technology services "customized services". In recent years, Liangqing District has been concentrating on the goal of "supporting farmers with intelligence and technology and extending the innovation chain of the agricultural industry chain", focusing on the benefits of talent to promote specific innovation in agricultural technology, and technical commissioners are dispatching. We provide technical support. Establishing a special scientific research fund for service support and talent support Innovation and entrepreneurship can effectively contribute to better conversion of scientific and technological achievements into agricultural productivity, provide a faster development pace for the field of Yangcheng District and strengthen rural revitalization .

Through the introduction of technological innovation groups, Liangqing District can focus on the technological innovation needs of specific agricultural fields, jointly promote key technology development, innovation resources and other factors, and speed up the downstream processing of famous and high-quality fruits. poultry. Livestock, animal feed processing and forestry key technological development and transformation and implementation of achievements in other industries.

Peng Hao, member of the Science and Technology Department of the Guangxi Institute of Veterinary Science, is a "frequent visitor" to the "Xionyu" cattle farm in Nama City, Liangqing Region. This modern farm, with about 500 head of cattle, is not only a place where Peng Hao and his colleagues provide scientific and technological support, but also a "testing ground" for technological innovation.

“If there is a problem on the farm, we come to solve it as quickly as possible, and we have discovered and implemented many new technologies that help improve quality, increase efficiency and reduce costs.” Joo-Pin Lee. , technical consultant of "Siongniu" company, said that with technical help, the survival rate of calves has increased significantly, and the milk yield of cows has increased by 6% over the previous year.

Peng Hao said, "According to the Bureau of Science and Technology, scientific and technological personnel can directly demonstrate their technological talents at the forefront of production. This is also the specific practice of "writing works at home", where the special committee system allows scientific and technological achievements and innovative achievements, There are opportunities for real advancement.

In 2022, Liangqing District will build 2 innovation and entrepreneurship bases and 5 special agriculture demonstration bases, introducing a total of 1 scholar and 3 expert groups. Agricultural production of the first type, such as growing, growing and processing agricultural products.

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